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My path to becoming a writer was gradual. Although I have always loved stories, it wasn't until I gained more life experiences that I started writing seriously. I felt that I needed to explore the world and gain a wider perspective before I could write about it.

I grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, and started traveling in my early twenties. I vividly remember my first trip to New Zealand, where I was amazed by the sight of so many sheep!

As I traveled more, I discovered that I could actually support my travels by teaching English. I was thrilled!

This led me to spend over ten years teaching students of all ages in Japan, where I also got married and had a daughter.

Eventually, my family and I moved to California, where we currently reside.

My stories blend elements of adventure and mystery, drawing inspiration from my experiences in different places.

Embark on a thrilling journey to the hidden jungle temples of Laos and Cambodia  with celebrity author, Rose Hawthorne. When a familiar symbol on a shard of ancient glass piques her interest, Rose sets out to unravel its mysteries, leading her and her daughter Holly and granddaughter Samantha on an adventure that they could never imagine. With the help of a knowledgeable professor and Holly's ex-husband, this daring team will stop at nothing to uncover the truth behind the glass. But as they delve deeper into their journey, they must also confront personal demons and find closure from events in their past. Join Rose and her family as they navigate the unfamiliar, unravel secrets and explore the unknown in this exciting adventure filled with mystery, history, and family drama.

Rose Hawthorne: The Irish Wanders follows Rose, a celebrity author in her early seventies, who dislikes the limelight but does like Hermes scarfs, round violet sunglasses, and old colonial hotels. One day, she receives a letter asking her to visit Newgrange, Ireland and discover something that has been hidden there for a thousand years.

She asks her granddaughter Samantha to accompany her, but she hadn’t expected her to continually post photos of their progress on her Instagram account. An encounter with an old love and an unexpected discovery leads Rose deeper into the past, where she finds she must make a hard decision about her future.


What if you had the chance to visit all the sites of the 7 ancient wonders in a week? Would you do it?
Rose Hawthorne is a popular fantasy author with a secret. Her previous series of books about the 7 Ancient Wonders were based on fact and not fiction! She stumbled upon some ancient marbles and secrets at the old sites but could not solve the mystery. Now, with help, she is returning to try again. Where will their 'wanders' take them? Sometimes it is only by taking chances you can really get to know yourself and each other.

Every year, over three hundred thousand people complete the  500-mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage from St Jean Pied de Port to Santiago de Compostela. Part memoir, part history, The Camino de Santiago: One Wanderful Walk recounts a  personal adventure on this route in 2019.

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January 2021

This is a collection of stories and travels over several years and through several countries. Vicariously experience these and other misadventures when you travel to parts of Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, China, and the Middle East.


Live! Live the wonderful life that is in you! Let nothing be lost upon you. Be always searching for new sensations. Be afraid of nothing.
– Oscar Wilde


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